Friday, 3 June 2011

Camberley, Surrey, Railway Accident 1907

Camberley, Surrey, Railway Accident 1907. In 1907 a Class T1 0-4-4-T locomotive of the LSWR (London & South Western Railway)  slipped down the embankment at Park Street. I don't think anyone was hurt. The locomotive looks very incongruous in this setting. The Google Street View shows the location of the accident today. These postcards were published by the prolific postcard publishers Gale and Polden. One of the postcards has been posted but the sender makes no mention of the scene on the front, they only enquire if the recipient's cold is better.
For more old photographs please visit Sepia Saturday. As always, click the pictures to enlarge!

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  1. I especially like the first view with the street scene with people and dog. Nice sharp image of the train too.

  2. I find that odd, that the sender should make no mention of what was obviously something rather important. I wonder if one of the bicycles belonged to the photographer. Derby postcard photographer and publisher Frank Scarratt used to include his bicycle in many of his shots.

  3. So interesting. While the train is a beauty, I really like looking at the crowd it attracted.

  4. These are really neat; thank you for choosing them to share with us. I'm finding it interesting that in many of today's train wreck photos that people haven't been seriously hurt. Thank goodness!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!

    Kathy M.

  5. The Health & Safety boys would have a field day with this if it happened today. I have been involved in implementation of recommendations from rail accident investigations. It's frustrating not to know more about his one.

  6. Oh this is amazing to see something so huge and heavy thrown like a child's toy.

  7. Next to a ship, in those days the train was the largest and fastest machine most people would ever see. The drama of a train wreck had more impact (pardon the word choice) than similar accidents today. The noise would have been frightening loud and long.

  8. For The First Time Howard!I Would Rather Be Stood In The 'New' Photo Rather Than The 'Old' Photo!!!!

  9. It is odd that the postcard writer makes no mention of the picture on the front. You’re right about the incongruity of the subject.

  10. odd to see people milling around, oblivious to what just happened...

  11. Your Now picture is of the wrong side of the bridge if you went under the tunnel and come out into park street that is the correct view hope this helps

    1. Thank you, I have corrected this now



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